Rapture Labs is a web3 innovation & gaming company.

We bring blockchain adoption to the masses through engaging experiences and competitive games.



Rapture Labs co-founder Dario Meli

Dario Meli


VC, Co-Founder of Hootsuite, Invoke Digital, Quietly, Inspirati and Dept. of Classics. Board of Directors at Neptune Digital Assets and Ballet BC.

Rapture Labs co-founder Jae Heller

Jae Heller


First hire & former SVP Business Dev & Strategy @ DraftKings. Entered the crypto space in 2013. Previously led business dev for decentralized data storage company Sia (Sia coin). Harvard.

Rapture Labs co-founder Paul Becker

Paul Becker


Founder and chief curator at Art Rapture, a fine art publishing house, curator of exhibitions, NFT drops and live auctions. Previously responsible for top line revenue growth within market leading tech companies.


Peter Girr

CEO WiseSoft & LiquidNFTs

Anand Agarawala

CEO & Co-Founder Spatial.io

Ariel & Shimon Ovadia

Founders Ovadia Bros.

Dan Burgar

CEO Frontier Collective, Co-Founder Shape Immersive

Katreena Tecson

Community Manager cocoNFT, web3 Educator

Rory Doyle

CEO & Founder Sefton Creative, Art Director

Bryan Pellegrino

CEO & Co-Founder LayerZero Labs

Ryan Zarick

CTO & Co-Founder LayerZero Labs